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aliens colonial merines: worrier xenomorph by Dragontrance2253 aliens colonial merines: worrier xenomorph :icondragontrance2253:Dragontrance2253 1 8 predalien cestbuster by Dragontrance2253 predalien cestbuster :icondragontrance2253:Dragontrance2253 2 45 the xenomorph queen by Dragontrance2253 the xenomorph queen :icondragontrance2253:Dragontrance2253 0 35


Sisterly Mortal Kombaty Noms by Jessica-Rae-3 Sisterly Mortal Kombaty Noms :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 313 0 Yoko Noms Tiny Trio Treats by Jessica-Rae-3 Yoko Noms Tiny Trio Treats :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 450 0
Vore Rp
Looking for people to Rp with. I'd prefer to be prey but I could be pred. I'll only do safe vore, but I might allow digestion. It doesn't matter if you want to do same size or giantess vore. We could Rp in the comment or on kik. I'll be using my friends account on kik. The username is CourtneyColls. Hope to see some hungry predators there!
:iconannavore:AnnaVore 1 116
Giantess Vore RP Starter
I was at school like any other kid during the week when some kids started bullying me at lunch causing me to leave school. I was walking through the woods crying when a nearby sleeping giantess, you, heard crying and wanted to find out who it was. When you come to where the noise was coming from, you notice me sitting against a tree with my face in my hands. What do you do?
All vore allowed as long as there is no blood
No digestion unless reformation occurs
No switching allowed
:icondiaperman17:diaperman17 5 1,734
Giant Nights With Freddy (Open RP)
A friend of yours, who is an aspiring scientist, has been informing you that they were conducting experiments on turning different beings and creatures into humans. Their first test subjects are a few animatronics that they had found in an abandoned family pizza place called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". Whether you knew about the place or not, you ignored it knowing that no one had been there for a while and the robots were shut down... at least you thought it to be.
A week passed and you got a call from your friend. You thought that things were going to be normal when you noticed the sudden urgency in your friend's voice. You couldn't hear them well due to the bad reception, but you could make out, "Get away from here.... run.... they're going to get you-" before the phone hung ups. Suddenly, the ground started to vibrate as a voice seemed to call out from outside:
A) "W-Where am... I?" A rather soft-spoken, if not loud, male voice called out, although it seemed that the owner of the voi
:iconbravediamondcat:Bravediamondcat 3 224
Pokemon Vore RP
You were a Pokémon sleeping in your nest when a noise wakes you up. When you open your eyes, you see me a young boy laying in the nest asleep. What do you do?
:icondiaperman17:diaperman17 2 220
Abandoned Little One (G/t RP)
A family of three lived in the woods all by themselves. They had a little child who was a young baby named Sophia. For about 5 months they family lived in peace. Until one day giants came through the forest and the parents abandoned the house and the child. They did that so no one would hunt her down and they ran far away but were soon captured and eaten. The house went quiet with the poor baby girl stuck in her attic room all by herself.
You are a giant/giantess who is 500ft tall (or taller). You come into the woods one day to go on a stroll and you soon hear with your great hearing a voice so quiet. You follow the voice and end up meeting the tiny house. The mysterious noise was coming from around that area. You lower yourself way down and peek your massive eye in to see a tiny baby girl staring back at you.
For this rp in anyway you want you can take the child back to your home and raise it. In the rp the child can slowly grow up through the years. Or it can start with the baby and
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 10 89
I need you safe... Let me do this... (Vore rp)
You're a female Zoroark who, just last night found, rescued and adopted a very small Riolu. He was scared of many things. He was even scared of you, but now he's not. One day, you and him were adventuring when a Luxray jumps in your way and tries to take me. You grab Riolu and run. You were out of sight for a few moments and you need to hide Riolu. Where did you hide him in such a quick time?
:iconshinycatcher247:Shinycatcher247 1 214
(100th deviation!) Ryu the buizel vore rp 3
Please read the rules in the discription before starting.
You were walking through the halls of your school, when you see a small, black and white buizel with glasses. He looked quite sad, and was mumbling something about getting bullied. What do you do?
1.ask him what's wrong
2.deside to bully him
:iconbrickart03-2:Brickart03-2 2 199
Mature content
A Big Find :iconledwig56:ledwig56 2 1,110
Mature content
A GTS RP (My first RP) :iconledwig56:ledwig56 2 863
A Sacrifice? GTS RP
It is just like any other day, you are waiting for your sacrifice to come, as it always did.
The people of the village provide a human sacrifice to you for protecting the village and contributing to it so much
When the sacrifice arrives you go to see them, but, you are surprised to see a small beaten up child
A. Take the kid and swallow him
B. Take the kid and wait for the guards to leave
C. Let the guards leave before touching the kid at all
D. Yell at the guards to go away and pick the kid up gently
E. Switch, I'm the giantess
No 18+ on this RP
This will be a Fluff RP, no cruel giantess
Safe Vore is allowed, as option 1 would suggest
No Fetish stuff unless on accident
Please, no one word responses at least try to do better
You are allowed to be any kind of creature
:iconledwig56:ledwig56 3 1,207
Vore RP
-Yes, you're allowed to do the RP
-Please decribe your OC, or if you don't have one describe them here.
-If you don't have an OC, make one up
-Please use quotations for speech
-That's it
-=Scenario 1=-
You awake in a dark room, unable to recall how you got there. A dim light flickers on, reavealing a woman with long black hair, and a black sweater and jeans. She looks down at you with a sinister grin, licking her lips. You
A. Run
B. Try to reason with her
C: Accept your fate
D. Eat her yourself
-=Scenario 2=-
You awake in a large room. A very large room. You look around, and see giant furniture. You hear a loud thud as a giantess walks around the corner. She has short, golden brown hair, an orange T-shirt, short, and she's walking straight towards you! If you stay where you are, you will surely be crushed, so you
A. Try and get her attention
B. Run
C. Hide under some furniture
D. Get crushed
-=Scenario 3=-
You are minding your own business, walking around in your house, when you
:iconvoringtonvorwell:VoringtonVorwell 1 675
Giantess Vore RP 2
You wake up in the middle of a strange forest. The trees around here tower over you. The flora is all very flamboyant, to a point where it narrows your field of vision. You have no memory of how you got here, nor an idea on how you could possibly get out. Suddenly, the earth shakes. You hear footsteps. Enormous footsteps. Two voices come into ear range, having a conversation and getting closer to where you are. What do you do?
1. Stay to see what it is
2. Hide!
3. Other
(Choose wisely. This time, the differences will be.... notable Mwahahahahahahaha! )
:iconvorespectator:vorespectator 8 868
Lexalia And Reino! by PingTheHungryFox Lexalia And Reino! :iconpingthehungryfox:PingTheHungryFox 41 28 Lazing in Bed by CuteLittleNightmare Lazing in Bed :iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 73 10




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